Black Lava Rock 1-2″


Priced by the cubic yard.
(Approx. 900lbs per cubic yard)
1″-2″ lightweight black lava rock
Currently available by the cubic yard or half cubic yard quantities.

Available for pickup:

  This product is available for delivery.

Enhance your outdoor spaces in Dallas, TX, with the timeless elegance of our Black Lava Rock. Crafted by nature, these lightweight yet durable rocks are perfect for pathways, gardens, and decorative accents. Their striking black hue adds depth and contrast to any landscape, complementing the vibrant colors of Texan flora. Versatile and low-maintenance, these rocks withstand the elements with ease, ensuring lasting beauty year-round. Elevate your landscaping with the natural allure of our Black Lava Rock, bringing a touch of sophistication and rugged charm to your Dallas abode. Redefine your outdoor aesthetic and embrace the beauty of Texas nature today.

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