At Outdoor Warehouse, we offer a variety of delivery services to better serve our customer’s needs. We have affordable delivery options with pricing based on location and type of material. Our experienced team of drivers will ensure that the product arrives to your home or job site free of damage.

Please reach out to one of our sales representatives for an accurate quote at (972) 423-4001

How does delivery work?


We will deliver materials in a dump truck, or with a flatbed truck and forklift that will place your pallets where you desire. We are, however, confided to delivering materials only on paved surfaces that can be accessed by our vehicles. Typically this consists of back alley driveways, front access driveways, and front streets or parking lots. Our experienced team will work with you to the best of their ability to get your materials where and when you need them.

Is there a minimum for deliveries?


As a whole seller we do have minimums for delivery quantities. Any palletized materials can only be delivered as full pallets, not partial pallets. Bulk (Loose dump) material can be delivered with a 2 cubic yard minimum.

Will our trucks fit in your space?


We typically dont have issues delivering to residential properties including alleys and driveways, however, our trucks do have the following size restraints:

Loose dump delivery for less than 5 cubic yards- Our smaller dump truck will need at least 10ft of width and will not fit down any tight driveways or alleyways that are less than 10ft across. We cannot dump material under any covered structures.

Loose dump delivery for 5-10 cubic yards- Our larger dump truck can hold up to 10 cubic yards of material and will need 18ft of width clearance in order to deliver. We cannot dump materials under any covered structures.

Palletized material- Our flatbed truck can be parked on larger streets and the forklift detatches from our truck to place your materials. Our forklift is restricted to needing at least 10ft of width and 11ft of height. We cannot place materials inside most garages or carports.

 Despite these size constraints our team will do their best to get your materials to the ideal location for you.

A video of our Flatbed delivery process

Our delivery equipment

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