Kiddie Cushion Playground Mulch


Priced by the cubic yard.

Kiddie Cushion mulch is engineered to create a safe padding great for children’s play areas
Available in full cubic yard and half cubic yard quantities only.

For bagged and colored mulch click here.

Available for pickup:

  This product is available for delivery.

Create a safe and playful haven for your little ones in Dallas, TX, with our Kiddie Cushion Mulch. Engineered for both fun and safety, this soft, impact-absorbing mulch provides a protective surface for playgrounds, ensuring peace of mind for parents and caregivers. Its vibrant colors and cushioned texture stimulate imagination and encourage active play. Made from premium materials, our mulch is non-toxic and meets safety standards, making it ideal for schools, parks, and backyard play areas. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of joy and adventure with our Kiddie Cushion Mulch, where memories are made, and smiles abound.

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